Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Sunday May 3d 1862Dear Maria

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Although my conveniences for writing are very poor I will pencil you a few lines since I last wrote we have moved our camp and are now one mile from Suffolk and on the line of defences facing the dismal swamp. we came night before last but our baggage has not yet got along and we have to get along most any way. This is not the place where we are finally to be posted and I hear we are to move again in a few days and join our reserve brigade at the City. I was in command of one hundred men yesterday at work on a fort near by and I

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got along first rate. Only one thing happened to make it unpleasant. One of Co. D. men who was some saucy I was obliged to tie up to a stick of timber and keep there. I suppose he thought because he could say what he pleased to his own officers he could so the same to others but he got snubbed that time. Last eve we were called out by the long roll and firing of Pickets was kept up for some time we lay in the rifle pits just in front of our camp (but were not allowed to sleep) till two oc. This morn we then came to camp and rested till 4 oc and then fill into line as usual and remained till 5 1/2 oc, so my rest is not very regular as you may see. I hear there is fighting to day down where

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we came from and that our folks have thrown a pontoon bridge across the river. I hear heavy canonading and conclude the report is true. It is very warm here to day and uncomfortable out in the sun The nights are pretty cold and with one blanket the boys sometimes get pretty chilly. I have had letters from you pretty regular but they are a great while on the road your last was dated Apr 23 at Uncle D-'s. I will send you the checks I spoke of in my next I think, but you will not need them till you get back to Swanton my baggage has just arrived and I have got to tend to it. Love to all, and kisses for you and the children

Yours Affly V.G. Barney
Capt. Co. A. 9th Vt.
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