Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp 9th Vt. VolsNear Suffolk VaJune 8th 1863Dear Maria

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I should have written you yesterday but as I was Brigade Officer of the day did not get time to I have now doffed my sash and handed my report into head quarters and the rest of to day I will have to myself. I got a letter from you night before last and I think I got them all as they came pretty regular. I dont believe you get all mine as you speak of their not coming regular. I intend to write twice per week and have with the exception of the time we were out away from camp. Every thing here is joging along as usual we are having a good oppertunity to drill and the men are improving very fast. There are a few men in ea. Co. who are careless and willfully heedless and they have been put into a squad by themselves called the ‘Awkward Squad” and are drilled two hours per day extra. We had a Brigade drill last Friday and our regiment got compliments for its good appearance and knowledge of the drill

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I saw Chas Campbell this morning and told him what you wrote. He is in Co F. 118th N.York. but he says to have Henry direct his letters to me as he is but a few rods form here- I fear you are working to hard in your garden for your good you had better get some one to help you when your work is so hard I am glad those notes are all taken up, did you get the Mortgage deed? The barn I spoke of I dont want to cost much over $1,00.00 - and if possible less. I hope things will turn out ere long so that I will be permitted to again return to you and instead of living this dogs life enjoy the pleasures of a happy home I am not homesick or discontented but my thoughts naturally turn towards home and its pleasant associations How did the children like their rings? did the spoon get broken? You wished to know about my health. I am well and dont have any trouble as I used to at all. I have not tasted ale for nearly 3 mos (though it is plenty here) and dont intend to. I cant write much every thing is so dull Give my love to Mary and kiss the roguish boy & girl for their pa and believe me every your loving & devoted husband

V. G. Barney