Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Yorktown Va Oct 3d 1863Dear Maria,

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It is nearly a week since I last wrote but Circumstances have not been very favorable for writing I went down to Ft Monroe last Wed and was gone two days, got back yesterday. I went down to see Col Ripley I went to Norfolk in the mean time and attended the Theater I also bought me a man colt 3 years old paid $71- On returning from Norfolk to Ft. Monroe I was just entering the hotel for my breakfast when a young chap came up and give me a punch and on looking at him closely I saw it was Lester who had just arrived from Balto I was glad

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to see him I assure you. We came up here together and had an awful rough time coming up the Bay, and every one were sea sick I stood it pretty well so did Lester but Maj Jarvis throwed up finely. On arriving here I formed our regiment all ready to move and with orders to go to Portsmouth This was pleasant news to me as I was anxious to get away from this unhealthy place. The regt were on the way down to the boat when the order was revoked and so we had to just march back again. We were all very much disappointed, but finally con- cluded to call it a good joke for the first hard rain we have had for a month came just at the time we were on our way so all got thoroughly soaked. The health of the Regt is continually growing worse and to day we have

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only about 90 for duty I think we will get along better now as a negro regt have come and will do the guard duty mostly. but I dont consider our camp any more safe than as we had no guard at all. Lester and I had a horse back ride this morning and went out through the negro Regts camp and also the city of Jewettville. There is but little L- can do here but I will have him to do some errands and such like and those will pay his way. As to Mrs Ferris, I got it from Lt Jewett that his (Judges) former wife was dead and that he was again married and had his new wife a short fat woman out at the Springs. Pardon me for any expressions I made I did not intend to be fault finding. Kiss Cad & Fred and believe me your devoted

Husband V. G. Barney