Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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On board Steamer "Maple Leaf" Off Cape HatterasOct 29th 63 Dear Maria

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You will see by my date that we are on our way- We left Ft. Monroe yesterday afternoon and have got so far. We had rather rough weather till towards morning when the wind shifted and now although it blows hard the boat is quite steady as it is favorable It is now 9 oc A.M. and we expect to land at Morehead City some time this afternoon. We met the steamer "John Rice" (as we supposed) early this morning on her way back so expect the remainder of our Regt got through it safe. I am yet ignorant of our stopping place but expect to go from M- City by cars to Newbern but may remain at the former place. We are very comfortably situated on this boat she being longer and spacious. some have been sea sick, but I am one of the fortunate kind and

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even while on the little Canal boat U.S- when nearly half the boats crew were sick I was as well as ever & enjoyed the tumbling much and had the laugh on the rest- We have 3 Ladies on board (Officers wives I think) but they are all sea sick and keep their staterooms continually and we are all deprived the pleasure of looking at a white woman. We are now having singing by Capt Seligson and Company who join the Choruses, the guitar is also quite an addition. I saw Lester just as we were leaving and bade him good by for the 20th time. he will no doubt get home before this reaches you. I got a letter from Father yesterday. I am sorry he had not sent the clothing for the men need it much these cold nights- I will leave this letter on the boat and it will be mailed at Ft Monroe on her return. I wish you could be here now and see the

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grand ocean and the white caps as they roll but I presume you would be like the other females sick abed. Our men are feeling tip top this morning I got a lot of coffee made for them and a barrel of beef boiled and they are enjoying themselves over it. I hope you and the "weens" will continue in good health, as you have. I shall continue to keep you posted If you can read this scrawl you will do well for it is written while the Craft is "bobing along around"

Yours Aff Husband V.G. Barney