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The Campaign with McClellan
Composed by Wm Issard Co H. 101st P. V

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In April last, on Southern land,
The Northern army took its stand;
They landed us at Fort Monroe.
From there to York Town we did go.

And as the rebels all can tell.
We threw at them such shot and shell,
That upon the 3d of May
They quit the place and run away.

We followed them with all our might:
At Williamsburg they stood to fight;
We give them there some heavy kicks,
And played them a few Yankee tricks.

They, to Richmond fled without delay,
And spiked their cannons on the way;
Deserters came and to us told,
The Rebel cause could never hold.

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Old Jeff from Richmond fled away,
His Congress followed the next day
A Panic seized the Rebel band
They saw secession could not stand

From Corinth city far away
Old Buregard did steal away
And whilst Halleck was for him looking round
He brought his troops to Fair Oaks ground

General Casey there did stop their fun
And Wessells men did make them run
Untill Longstreet did bring up his men
And then we fought them one to ten

And constantly the foe did meet
Till we were ordered to retreat
They found old Casey would not yield
Though ten thousand Rebels lay on the field

Next day the cannon began to roar
But the Rebels would not fight us more

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But in our hands did leave their dead
And back to Richmond city fled

Old Jackson did his part quite clear
He got into McClelan’s rear
Then for seven day’s there was a fight
From which we returned late at night

Of fighting the Rebels got their fill
By being well whipped at Melvern Hill
To conquer us they had no hope
So off they went to smash old Pope

But soon, up there , went little McC
He sent them all skedadling back
And with the sons of Uncle Sam
He squelched old Lee at Antietam

General Wessell next will stop their nois
His old Brigade are trusty boys
And the Rebels allways get the worst
When they fight the One Hundred and First

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The Ninety-Second and the Eighty Fifth
Will give old Jeff the parting lift
And the Ninety Sixth and 103d
Will allways make themselves be heard

When next to fight the Rebels come
We will meet them with the fife and drum
For the Union it shall rise o’er all
And the secession cause shall fall.

volunteers{ The 101st and 103d are Pensylvania men
The 85th 92nd and 96th are N Y men

Hiram H Barton
Co. C. 96 N Y S V
1st Brigade Wessells Div
Newbern N.C

Feb 23rd 1863