Roswell Farnham to [Laura]

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Camp of the 12th. Regt. Vt. V. M.Wolf Run Shoals Va.March 9th. 1863.My dear Sister:

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I wrote you a letter this morning to send home by Lieut. Chamberlin, but this evening write you again to inform you of rather sad news.

I have just received a letter from Col. Andross informing me of the death of Cyrus. Or at least I suppose it must be him. Col. Andross enclosed a scrap out from the Chicago Tribune of March 4th. in these words, viz: -

"DIED AT MEMPHIS. We learn that C. C. Farnham, formerly of this city, died at Memphis on last Wednesday night, of typhoid fever. He was literally among strangers, and was only identified after death by papers found in his possession."

The notice was evidently written by some one who knew him, but how he should be so entirely among strangers I cannot imagine. I have written to Col. Andross to learn further particulars & also to the Editor of the Tribune to learn the name

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of some one who knows about his death & where he is buried.

It is sad to think of his being sick among strangers & dying among those who did not even know his name until his death. I can hardly believe it possible. I cannot realizze that Cyrus is dea, and under such circumstances. It is horrible to think of. I loved Cyrus better than most brothers if I can judge from their actions & he loved me I think.

I wonder that he never wrote home or wrote to me during the past year & a half. I did not suppose that he was sick or suffering, for when he was properous he seldom wrote.

I cannot write more tonight but will write again.

Poor fellow - With his many faults he had a thousand noble qualities & was his own worst enemy. Would that he could have used his more than ordinary abilities as they might have been used. How strange a life was his. I can't write anything tonight - I will write again tomorrow. You had better put a notice of his death in the paper.

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Put it in this form -

Died in Memphis, Tenn. of typhoid fever, Feb. 25, Cyrus C. Farnham, eldest son of the late Roswell Farnham, aged 44 years.

Perhaps however you had better delay the publication of it till you hear from me again.

I will write you as often as I get any further particulars of his sad death.

Give my love to Aunt Mary -

Your affectionate brotherRoswell.