Roswell Farnham to Frederick Holbrook

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Head Quarters 12th. Vt. V. M.Wolf Run Shoals, Va.March 10th. 1863Sir:

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There are now vacancies in three companies in this Regt. from the resignation of Lieuts- viz:
2d. Lieut. Davis Co. D -
1st. " Cleaveland Co. F -
1st. " Chamberlin Co. H -

As commanding officer of the Regt. I take pleasure in recommending to fill those vacancies the following persons, viz:
Orderly Sergt. Horace W. Lewis of Co. D.
to be 2d. Lieut. of Co. D.
Second Lieut. Carlos D. Williams of Co. F.
to be 1st Lieut of Co. F.
Orderly Sergt. Edwin S. Chadwick of Co. F.
to be 2d. Lieut. of Co. F.
Second Lieut. James Kelley of Co. H.
to be 1st. Lieut of Co. H.
Orderly Sergt. Thomas H. Brock Co. H
to be 2d. Lieut. of Co. H.
These officers, as you will see, are in the regular line of promotion & have done their duty well.

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Col. Blunt is now at Fairfax Station in command of the Brigade.

You have doubtless heard of the disgraceful capture of Genl. Stoughton yesterday morning. He has made his Head Quarters at the Court House altho' the nearest regiment of the Vermont Brigade is four miles from that place. We feel ashamed altho' in no manner to blame for the event.

Our Regt. is not in as good a state of health as it has been. The Spring weather is giving us fevers.

Hoping to hear from you soon

I remain
Your obt. ServantRoswell Farnham
Lt. Col. Com'g
12th. Vt. V. M.

To His Excellency
Frederick Holbrook
Governor of Vermont
Brattleboro Vt.

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Lt. Lothrop J. Cloyse to be first Lt.
Co. G.

Sergt. Dan K. Hall to be