Asa P. Blunt

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Transcription : Megan Resnick

Published by: University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Center for Digital Initiatives on 2011-05-30

Head Qrs. 12th Vt. V M.
Wolf Run Shoals Va.

April 11th 1863

Guard & Patrol

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Will pass Mrs. Lt. Col. Farnham Mrs. Surgeon Nichols, Mrs. Adjt Vaughan and Mrs. Peach to Washington via Rail Road to Alexandria

By order of

Lt. Col. Farnham
R. C. Vaughan

By order of Asa P. Blunt
Col Commanding
Geo. W. Hooker
Lieut and A. A. A. G.

Appd & transportation
by Rail Road Granted
By order of Col Sinclair
Wm. A. Hoyt
A. A. A. Genl.

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