Roswell Farnham to Mary [Farnham]

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Camp of 12th. Vt. Vol. M.3 miles from Warrenton Junction Va.May 6th. 1863Dear Mary:

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I have not heard a word from you since I left Wolf Run. It seems a long time since you ran away & left me, but I suppose the next two months will seem still longer. I shall try to be patient & do my duty as a soldier, but I miss you more than I ever did before. You could not possibly be with us now for we are on short commons as to room & rations.

Mr. Peach is with us so that we have some one to cook. His wife has not yet got to the Washington. I think she is at Fairfax's, I am very well indeed and ready for any thing that may turn up. I have already written you two letters, one directed home & the other to Charlestown. I shall write another in the morning & send them two in the same way. I shall write often for I know you will be anxious about us all. We are to move again in the

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morning & shall probably go to the Rappahannock. You must not worry about us as we shall not be in any fight unless we are attacked I think. We shall be kept to guard this R. R. - if Hooker continues to be successful the Rebs. will have enough to do without disturbing us.

It is now raining hard & has been for two days. I am sorry as it will greatly interfere with movements.

Write often & direct as usual until I change the direction. Nelson continues to be unwell tho' I think he is better. I sleep on the cot without any bed & he puts the bed on four stools & makes himself very comfortable. I have a Sibly stove & a floor, so you see I am not suffering. I shall send my trunk into Washington I think tomorrow, "Burning" is at Union Mills in a good stable. White face is doing well.

Write good long letters & tell me every thing. I hope you have got over your cold.

Much love to all & a universe of love to you sprinkled with a myriad of sweet kisses.

Your affectionate husbandRos.