Justus F. Gale to Sister

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Miss Almeda A Gale


Camp HolbrookFeb 9th 1862Dear Sister

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As I was looking over my letters that I received from home I found in the invelop a scrip of paper that I hadnt seen before. as I read it I was sorry to learn that you had met with so unlucky an accident. I dont se why I ant didnt find it before for I have read the letters that I have had much as three or four times. the most I can do for you is to wish you wel. I sent a letter to the Capts. tent & when I read of your accident I went to se if it had gon but

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found nuthing of it, so I wil write another to you. I believe it is Sabbath day but it seems but little like it to me. Sunday is about as buisy a day as we have we have to go through with the enspection of every thing we have had from government which is quite a job. it takes from half past 9 til nearly 12 before all the Companys get through. it is a verry pleasant day: we have none of us gon to meeting to day. the after noon meting does not commence til 2 o clock then we have to be here to dresperade at 4 which gives us but little time to go to meeting I have been reading my nice little Testament today.

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I have got over to Gallations. I wil try to finish my letter: I just com in from dresperade. I think you would like to take a view of us when we stand all on a line two deep as far as from the house out to the maple bushes or furt- her. yesterday I should think there was as many as one hundred teams here at dresperade besides many on foot. I believe you wanted I should write what day I enlisted it was the twentythird of Sep. we have been here since the 25th of Dec. it seems the shortest winter I ever see so I gues you may think that I am not verry homesick. I shal get 20 dollars a month from the day of enlis- tment: if it ever comes.

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I wish I had something to send to you, but don think of any thing to send you. I received one dollar yesterday from the fellow I sold a watch, so I am not out of money yet. I forgot to tel al my story yesterday to Charley After the Colonol told us of the bombardment of McHenry he proposed three cheers for Commodore Foot & Gen Grant: which was done up brown I am wel and tough as a bear. I dont think of much more to write so excuse mistakes & poor writeing for it is wrote in a hurry write soon & hope for better days & if we never meet in this world may we so live that we may meet in another. from your