Justus E. Gale to [Family]

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Algiers LaAug 23r/62The Heavenly Home.

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No night distils
Its chilling dews upon the tender frame;
No more is needed there! the light which fills
The land of glory, from its Maker came,

No parted friends
O’er mournful recollections have to weep -
No bed of death enduring love attends,
To watch the coming of a pulseless sleep!

No withered flower
Or blasted bud celestial gardens know!
No searching blast or fierce decending shower
Scattered destruction like a rutheless foe.

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No battle-word
Startles the sacred hosts with fear and dread!
The sound of peace, Creation’s morning heard,
Is sung wherever angel footsteps tread!

Let us depart,
If home like this await the weary soul!
Look up, thou stricken one! thy wounded heart
Shal bleed no more at sorrow’s stern controll.

With faith our guide,
White-robed and inocent to tread the way,
Why fear to plunge in Jordans rolling tide,
And find the Haven of Eternal day.

This Heavenly home,
Is promised to us all, who faithful are!
If we are parted, to meet no more on earth,
May we join the friendly hand where parting
is no more
J. F. G.

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I have just heard Rufus read in his letters that Justus is dead. I would like to know I any body has had a day of rejoiceing over it yet. for I am sure there isent many that would mourn over it if any have had a time of rejoiceing over it you may just tel them I am alive & on the move down here in a part of created desolation & disconsola tion of rebeldom.

On the other part of this sheet you will see some verses that I drawed copied from a book I picked up here a few minutes to read. there was more verses before I came to these but these was the best. the last one I made up myself. I hope and trust that although the parting hand we have taken, yet I hope we may again join them again on earth, but if this should bee denied by Divine Providence may it bee our happy lot each and to join the friendly hand where parting senes will bee no more.

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I hope you will not think that I dont care much about hearing from home for I asure you that I am just as anxious to hear from you as you are to get a letter from me. I hope I shant have to get mad and stop writing home. but I dont know but I shall. Tel Charley I had to look him & Herbert all over on his berth day. I presume he went to meeting but I was on guard that day; I have been on guard every Sunday and thurs- day for three or four weeks. I hope It will come so as to change days before long. Tel Charley to write all about how they get along with the work and all the news. you must all write often. tel Almira she must write to me. If Lyman cant get time to write she must write two letters at once. my love to you all. yours haste.

J. F. Gale