Justus F. Gale to Father

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Head Quarters 8th Regt. Vt. Vols. Co.. A Brashear CityJan 5th 1863Dear Father.

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I take my pen to write you few lines to let you know that I am well only a sore hand- and that is getting better; I dont know but you will think that I have forgotten you but far from that. I havent felt first rate for writing for a few days past - and I have had several letters to answer – and now I will try to write a few lines that perhaps will interest you - although I havent any news to write; I suppose you and the rest of the folks have trouble yet as much or more than you did when I was at home; the folks wrote that Lyman

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had made a trade with you to take care of your self - but dident say what the trade was. I am sorry that there should be trouble to cause any such thing nes- icary; but I hope it will be for your comfort and the rest to; I hope the time will come again when I can be at liberty to take care of you and the things at home. They wrote that you claimed the premium heifer for your cow; I dont think you can rearly claim her for she was only two years old and did not give milk when we made writings; you may have any other cow there is if you will leave her for me - and I will send you a handsome presant besides. I want you should write to me a bout these things and affairs and rest asured that I have no disposi- tion to injure you in the least; neither

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do I think that Lyman means to do anything to harm you in the least. If you and Lyman make any trade so that you can take care of your self be sure and not spend it in any other way only to take care of your self; Perhaps I have wrote enough of this kind There hasent but been a great deal of rain here this winter yet; if we could have such pleasant weather in the winter season among the green hills of Vt. it would make Vermont much better in the winter season, but when it raine here it is verry muddy and it sticks to our boots so we can hardly carry them. I dont think of much more to write this time; write often as you can get time to; write all about the things at home. give my respects to all; this from your son in Dixie

J. F. Gale