Justus F. Gale to Mother

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Church Hospital Baton RougeAugust 21st 1863Dear Mother,

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I will try this morning to write a few lines to let you know that I am yet in the land of the living - and stil blessed with many blessings from the hand of the Lord; for the last six weeks I have pretty sick and have got quite low and weak - but there hasent been any day but what I have been out door and able to wait on my self; I have had considerable dierrear but that hasent been so bad as my stomach - that has been dreadful billious and have vomited a goodeal - but that is feeling better; my appetite has been poor and isent but little now; the most I eat is a little grewel or corn starch once in a while a little baked potatoe which relishes verry well. I cant see any thing now to hinder my begin- ning to gain some now in a few days if nothing new sets in.

I should like to been at home and helped you and Almeda picked and eat some of those nice berries that Almeda wrote about but hope good times will come again some time.

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I hope you will not worry about me I think you no need to for I am not near as sick as Chas. Cooper was last summer.

After noon
You wanted I should write all about my hard ships and dangers; but it would take a good [d]eal of writing to give a short account of our marches and battles that we have been in - more writing than I feel strong enough to do now. Suffise it to say that we have done a large amou- nt of hard marching and have seen some 5 or 6 days about as snug fighting I guess as most any of our troops that are in the field - beside the long time we lay beseigeing Port Hudson whare I done the last duty that I done in the regt. As fur as hardships and rearl suffering I cannot say that I have ever been in a rearl suffer- ing condition yet; I never have got rearl hungry - and have been verry luckey about watter. I hope some day I shall have a chance to talk with you then I can tell you all about it.

give Almeda my thanks for the kind news and berrie stories she wrote about. I am sorry Lyman was drafted. I hope he will be inspected out for it will be verry bad for him to leave and then I am afraid he would not stand it to be a soldier. I had a letter from Stephen to day he wrote that he had a letter from Elison that he was drafted

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and had been and been inspected and thrown out also and from Elias that he was drafted and probable should be on his way out here before he got the letter. I think if Elison was inspected out that Lyman certainly would bee;

it has been quite rainey and cool here this week but has cleared of to day and probable will be hot as ever by to morrow;

Wesley keeps along just about so - he walks about some goes down street a peice most every day; he wont gain much strength until it comes cooler weather; the rest of the Elmore and Wolcott boys are well for any thing I know.

Good morning Mother how do you find yourself this morning I am just about the same had a verry good nights rest Eat a little custard for breakfast and just now I had a boll of grewel, it is pleasant to day and a verry holsome cool air stirring. I must close for this time; you must not expect me to write verry often until I get a little stronger - and if I am any worse I will get Wesley to write for me. give my love to Samantha and all the rest and except much for your self; you may direct you letters to the Co. and regt. after this for I shall get them just as quick.

I am anxious to hear from home again to find out whether Lymon has to go to war or not.

yours trulyJ. F. Gale