John W. Merriam to Friend Samantha

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Miss S. A. Gale


AlgiersSept 4th 1862Friend Samantha

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I received your letter this after noon and have only to say that Justus is still alive and well the report of his Death is unfo unded what started the report is more than I can tell he has not been in the Hospital nor very sick he was rather down some time ago but for the last few weeks he has been tough he is as tough now as any body my health is very good now much better than it has been through the Summer Cooper is still in the Hospital but think he will soon be well again the rest of the boys from Elmore are all well as far as I know the

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Capt is very well whether he is gong home or not is more than I can tell but as to his being so very bad sort of a man as Capt there is no truth in the report I think he does as well for the Co as any man would as for our fare we have no reason for complaint we have enough to eat & that which is good enough a plenty of Clothing all we want - since commencing this letter our Regt have seen hard times some 1500 Rebels fired into the Cars as they were coming from Desallemands to this place killing and wounding 30 or 40 they then advanced on Desallemands taking the remainders of the force there prisoners there was a part of three Co’s numbering in all nearly 100 Co E G & K were the ones there there was one Capt & three Lieuts Sergt Morse & his Brothers were wounded but escaped wheat & Luther Morse are prisoners

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The next day after attack the remain der of our Regt took the Cars for Boutte where the train was fired in to for the purpose of [reserving] our Boys after going some 15 miles the Cars were thrown from the track smashing up two of them there were several of our Co badly hurt and one killed this put us back so that we returned to Camp where we still remain the reason Justus did not write after was because he did not hear from you if our friends in Vt wish to hear from us they must write often.

Very RespectfullyJ. W Merriam