William C. Holbrook to Frederick Holbrook

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Hon. F. Holbrook


"Camp AdvanceGriffin" Va.Oct 28 1861Dear Father

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I have been talking with Col. Stoughton about my position here. he thinks he can give me the position of Adjt. in this regt. in a few days, or a chance on Gen. Brooks' staff as aide. (Gen Brooks has just been appointed as Brig Gen of the Vt. Brigade) I hardly like to go on his staff just yet. but should like to go on Gen Phelps staff. although they say Gen. Brooks is a very fine man.

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if you should appoint Col. Worthen on one of the next regts. it would make some alterations in the "field & staff" at this regt. I seem to be pretty fortunate in getting my military affairs & I am anxious to get along as fast as I am able to & it is adviseable. an aide to a Gen. is a very fine position as it enables one to get a more enlarged view of military affairs. I wish the next time you write Gen Phelps you would enquire if his aides have been appointed.

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Col. Stoughton gives great stisfaction & I consider it one of the bet appointments that Vt has made.

I hope if you raise any regiments you will be very carefull to select West Point men if possible. I have seen enough of these civillians out here. I dont think they had ought to expect such an appointment as Cols' especially if they have no military education. I should think for the interest of the regt. & state, Col. Smalley would want to be with his regt.

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I think if Frank would study hard he would make an excellent Major. but I hope by all means he will never accept a Quarter master position, as he is cursed by the whole regt. always.

I have not as yet decided what I shall do. I should rather be on Gen Phelp's staff as I know what he is.

I am studying hard everyday.

Everything is moveing on about as usual. I have great confidence in Gen. McClellen & Gen. Smith I must stop here with a great deal of love to all

Your Aff. SonW. C. Holbrook

P.S. I rec. mother's letter last night & the message it is liked very much by all that have read it.

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I have entirely recovered from my illness. It seems we celebrated the wrong day for thanksgiven we had our dinner on the 27th. of Nov. we did not learn until last mail our mistake. your proclamation is liked by all. I have not heard much about our going