William C. Holbrook to Mother

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Opp Vicksburg Miss.July 22d. 1862Dear Mother

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I have but little time to write as the mail closes soon.

We were quite stirred up the other day by a Rebel "Ram" getting past our fleet & stopping at Vicksburg where we has remained since. I think she must have been injured some. the bombardment is kept up every day last night some of boats run by the enemy's valtries which has got to be a very common occurrance, the rebels throw a good morning shells also, but they have not done much

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damage yet.

We have a great deal of sickness here. I wish I think inasmuch as the state of &. has furnished Asst. Surgeons to most of the other regts. something ought to be done for us.

I wish you would speak to Father about it. as we certainly need another here. I shall write to him on this subject to go by next mail & also but hav'nt time to enter at length before this mail goes. My health is very good. I think if you write are as soon as you get this letter directing Via Memphis I may possibly get it. I have not rec. my letters since we came here

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In haste
Your Aff SonW C Holbrook

W C Holbrook
Maj. 7th Vt Inpt.
Near Vicks
Gen Williams Brigade
Near Vicksburg Miss
Via Memphis