William C. Holbrook to Frederick Holbrook

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His Excellency
Gov. Holbrook
Montpelier BrattleboroVermont


Baton Rouge La.August 17th 1862Dear Father

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I hear a very favorable account from Ad. Brown. that he has acted exceedingly well in the recent engagements in Va.

I wish you promote him to at least Major it would certainly be very gratifying to me & he certainly deserves something. he prehaps has but few friends to recommend him. but I hope you will not consider that as [     ]

In my intimate associations with him I have become acquainted

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thoroughly with all him & know him to be eminently superior in many respects to the cannon run. & one who you could rely upon without any uncertainties & also one who would be grateful for all that was done for him. he has courage & would stand to the last without any fluctuation.

I have not heaped my precise to high but set him forth in his true light. as an officer he has had excellent experience & from which he has profited.

A time or better appointment cannot be

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made I hear he has particularly distinguished himself in the battle at Savage Station.

If I should go into the 11th Vt. I should like to have him in it. I have'nt the greatest confidence in the officers of the 1st Vt. they have thus far had rather more than their share. of

I suppose there is a great rally for the loaves & fishes of offices. There is the most bitter feeling in this regt. existing against Col. Faillam. I hope he will resign. in case I should go in some other regt. I think

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a West Pointer would be the man to head this regt. but in case I should not it would be immaterial [        ] I had command or not but will not serve under Col. F. - I should not want to be jumped over him. but should prefer to see some other men Col. I hope you will do something for Ad.

Everything is quiet here, the health of the men is improving

Much love to all

In haste
Your Aff SonW C Holbrook