William C. Holbrook to Frederick Holbrook

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To His Excellency
Gov Holbrook


New Orleans La.November 25 1862Dear Father

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I wrote Mother but a few days ago, but as Drs. Langdon and Foster together with Chaplain Hopkins arrived on the Steamer McClellen yesterday, they brought important news if we and should government adhere to its bargain if will be the salvation of this Regt. The regt. is at present at Pensencola and I hope is improving fast. I have been retained here on a Court of Inquiry of which I am president I hope I shall be able to rejoin my regt the first of next

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week. You will doubtless see the Gen Order returning to the Regt. its colors it was about as much as I expected we should get out of Gen. B -. still I think I have gained a point you proceeding of the Court which if necessary we can publish at some future day.

By some mistake it seems the rank of the two assistant Surgeon Langdon and Foster was never designation in Vt. & as it is a matter of some importance and were it left as it is it might leave me to come act in a delicate position in case the rank of Surgeon should ever be left vacant

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by death or otherwise. I concluded I had better write you on the subject and acertain if you had ever designation which should be 1st Asst. and which 2d Asst. if you had not made the difference in rank. would it not be a good plan to let them cast lots in any presence for the two positions. I have not yet learned who is to be Surgeon, although I have suppose Dr. Blanchard will receive the appointment if his commission has been sent I have not yet received it.

I like the appearance of both Drs Foster and Langdon Dr. L - in particular, also Chaplain

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Hopkins who seems to be full of life and spirit and I have no doubt but what he would be glad to preach have service every day. I intend to give him a chance to make a prayer every night at "parade" when consistant, he has come at a propituous moment for I have no doubt our tempers need cultivation after the ordeal we have passed through. I suppose we shall receive the order to go North soon.

I am inclined to think Gen. B - will be slightly indignant when he finds out that we have escaped his clutches.

Much love to all at home

Your Aff. SonW C Holbrook