Henry A. Smith to Friends

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BurlingtonNov 16 1861Dear Friends at home

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I received your letters in due time one with $3 dollars and the other Brig Spalding brought to me about every three days we have to go out into the street and ride at first I did not like it but now I like it first rate I meant to write before but I have not had much time now it is snowing and I thought I would write a few lines the Capt gave me a furlough last night but as the regiment is to be organised tuesday the Colonel could not sign it but told me to keep it untill after tuesday then I could come home it would not be very

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comfortable if it was not for the little stoves that we have in the tents It is hard times for the horses now for they have to stand out in the storm I have got a good horse dark chestnut and rides very easy I have been down and got my picture taken to send to you it does not look much like me in the face I dont think of any more from

Henry A Smith