Henry A. Smith to Mother

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Camp Scott near AlexandriaDec 5th 62Dear Mother

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I received your letter of the 30th Nov last night also one from Father was glad to hear from you I wrote to you when we were at Chantilla sayin g I had got the box and a little pacage that you sent to me by the Captain but dont know as you got the letter As there is no mail carrier that came regular we had to send letters most any way We were glad to get into camp but dont kn ow but we may be ordered out again though not a present Dec 6th We had quite a snow storm yesterd ay and last night I was not fright ened the 5th Nov but was thinking about geting out of the way. you say it seems as though the war My health is good as usual I have got plenty stamps at present

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is no nearer ended than it was a year ago There was a day for it to commence and there is a day coming for it to end There has been a great many hard battles fought and I guess there will be some more. I can tell you one thing that they dont put Cavalry in a place to be mowed down by volleys from Infantry or where grape and canister can cut them down I presume Father wrote you as much news as he did me he said if he was young he should be in the Army to I think you got a fair price for old Lime I am glad you have got a horse that you can drive What would you think if I had stayed at home and been drafted instead of enlisting I guess it would come a little harder then for they think the nine months men will have to see some hard times and that they were not got out here for nothing There are not but 8 [smudge] duty men in our Company now the rest have gone out scouting and picketing I have not much news to write this time I think I have writen all

good bye Henry A Smith