William Wirt Henry to John Henry

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Camp WashburnSept 1st 1862My Darling wife

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I received yours written this morning, to night and am very sorry to hear sister Katie is no better. still I believe she will get over it, for a fever is one of the diseases that hardly ever prove fatal, persons will go down almost to the brink of the grave, and then recover. She is very sick there is no doubt but somehow I believe she is going to get over it, and have all the time. You must keep up your courage good, and be brave and carefull as I know you can when in great trouble. I got back safe and sound Saturday night, and all appeared glad to see me. I learned the first thing that my case was all right with the war department - to day Monday we were mustered into the United States Service, and I have got my commission as Maj. of the l0th Regt. and am now in the service of my country, and shall endeavor to do my duty like a major whatever the consequence. If all was well at home I should feel that this was the proudest day of my life. I am going to do the best I can to visit you again, but it is a little doubtful. to day

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the Col. told me the Gov thought some of sending me on to Washington in the morning to get things ready for the Regt when it gets there, but as I have heard nothing further from it I guess he has given it up. The Col. asked “if I was ready to start for Washington tomorrow morning" I told yes – a soldier should always be ready to go where he was of the most service. We do not know anything yet of the time we are to leave here. I will let you know every day what the news is and you must do the same.by me. Do not get frightened about Katie for she has got a. strong constitution and can bear a great amount of sickness. take care of yourself and babies and let the neighbors take care of Katie there is plenty of them that know how and are willing. Keep up good courage, all will be well.

As Ever YoursWilliam