William Wirt Henry to John Henry

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Head quarters 10th Vt Whites Ford Md. Jany 27th 1863 My own darling wife

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Sure enough the last mail did not disapoint me, for I got two good long letters from you. Oh! it is so good to hear that my “Pets” are getting along so nicely, and that you have not broke down under all your trials. I believe you will get paid yet for all your trouble, and sorrow through these dark days. There is nothing new whatever to write about here, for now we are having the same routine of camp duty to perform day after day. The Regt. is one of the healthiest now in the field, we have only about thirty sick while all the other Regts. in the Brigade have not less than one hundred and sixty. Yesterday I got the "first Kiss" I have had since I took one from your lips. We were invited out to Mr. Trundells (the same place I got a Christmas dinner) a very wealthy Marylander, to dinner. Col. Jewett, Col Wilson N.H. 14th, Maj Duncan, with several field officers of a Penn. Regt. of Cavalry and some of our Captains were there, and

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we had a splendid dinner. Capt Damon of my Regt. had his wife there also Col Wilson Mr Trundell has got two very good looking daughters, but they do not like "Yankee Soldiers" very well, but I am a great favorite with him and his wife who is a very nice motherly old lady. He has a beautiful little niece about twelve years old, and after I got through supper, (for we stoped in the evening) as I eat considerable dinner and was not very hungry, I got through before the rest did, and started to go into the Parlor, I overheard this bright eyed little Pet say that if "if Col Henry was not married she should set her cap for him for she liked him better than any of the rest," so up I walked and to pay her for speaking so well of me gave her a kiss, and got a good sweet one in return if a little one and I can tell you it "tasted good". I think there would be considerable kissing done for a few days after I first got home, but I dont want to kiss any body much but you and our "sister Katie". The big girls said they would kiss me in a minute if I was not married, so

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you see what I lost there by being married. I showed them your picture and they said they thought to much of you ( and not enough of me) and did not want to hurt your feelings. If I do not go home and you come down here, they are very anxious to see you and want you should make it your home while here. You can bring Mollie as well as not and I want to see the "little bird" so I am most dead. I should meet you in Baltimore and it would not be such a hard thing as some might think for quite a number of officers wives, are out here now, and more coming every day. But when the sign comes right I am going to make one more desperate effort to get ten days. I some expect Col Jewett will get a short leave in a few days, and I shall have to wait for him to get back. What grand good visits you will have with "sister Katie" while she is home this time, they will be better than you ever had before with her or I am no prophet. What a dear sweet good girls she is, and how I do want to give her a good brotherly kiss, and how well you know I cannot help loving such

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good little girls. Well darling one, all this sounds like very boyish talk from a long bearded old soldier like me, but my heart is just as soft and tender as ever. I dont believe it ever will grow old or hard do you darling? Henry Bradley is getting well, his brother John is stopping with me yet. All is going on tip top as usual. Rebels do not trouble us much these days. The most good we are doing here now is to keep them from running good across the river, that is we are keeping the Blockade of the upper Potomac. I am glad Mr Parker is so good to you. He is a dear good man and I always said so. I will write Mother a good letter in a few days, tell her I do not forget her if I do not write for I know she hears from me every week through you. I should judge that the last year had been a very fruitful one by your last letter. Eliza, aunt Kate, Elis wife, and I dont know how many more. I wonder if Josie took "Clarks Pills" but what is Martha doing all this time. She ought not to be out of the fashion so much. She will have to come over and sleep with us a while if I get home and Ed does not. You can just speak to her about it. Who was it of Sarah’s family that you did not like? X

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X I guess she had no notion of ever writing me, and as you say I do not care now if she does not. I never began to like her as well as Katie Parker or Abbie. I sent you a lot of Photographs by last mail I expect a good long letter from "sister Katie" next mail she does not write often enough - that is all the fault I have to find with her, but while you are there together she can write with you and do better. Is Mr. Parker willing she should be “our sister”. I got a splendid long letter from Ben Dewey by last mail. All about Masonry. Off course Charley Bancroft had the “Head Acke” poor fellow I knew he would have it and told Capt Dillingham so and Asa Atherton what a brave soldier he was, but I did not think he would get up courage enough to go at all. Well I do not think of any thing more to write this time so will close and if I should think of anything worthy of note will write again next mail. I expect to hear some news in a few days from Fredricksburgh but they cannot do much for we are having a rainy muddy time of it just now. This is a miserable rainy day but I am feeling very good, only I want to see you so!!

As ever your kind, true, and affectionate husband William