William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp in the field about two miles beyond Warrenton Junction on the R.R. Oct 31st 1863 My Darling wife

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Again we have made a grand advance towards the Rappahannock. Yesterday we broke camp at Catletts and came down here. The Cars were running this side of Catletts, and I suppose we are sent on before to clear off the old track, and prepare and guard the new. we have two hundred men at work on the road from our Regt. Most of the "Rebs" are on the other side of the river, all is quiet along our lines. It is raining to day and mud will be awful by tomorrow, and probally we shall not advance much farther, this fall. I expect however the place is to winter on the Rappahannock which is about eight miles from here. Some think the enemy will give us battle on the river, but I dont believe they will. I was very glad to hear from Delia, but it would not be prudent for

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me to write her from here, but you write her at once, and tell her that we have not forgotten her by any means, and are anxiously awaiting the end of this fratricidal war, when we can take them all by the hand again and be, as we always should be good Brothers & Sisters. You can write her a good letter, and I will write her another when I get home. You may be sure I will be with you at Thanksgiving if it is a possible thing. Martha hadnt better put on meany “airs” for she’s got nothing to brag of. You had noting to fear for I used her like a lady when I saw her in Washington. I saw Ed at Culpeper and he was very friendly. I should like very much to see Lt Col Dill. but presume he will be gone before I can get home. Am glad Ed. gave you a good kiss, for that would do you some good, but darling what a hugging you will get when I get my long arms around you again, which will be soon. Our boys all tip top. me ditto

As Ever William