Ransom W. Towle to Family and Friends

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Head Quarters 4th Reg. Vt. Vol.Camp Griffin Fairfax Co. Va.Feb. 2nd 1862Dear Parents & Friends,

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I have been reading those Standards you sent me which have done much to employ and while away the long hours of idleness which afflict us all here. This week I failed to get my Tribune which has come in Friday night before - that I miss greatly. So this week I am not posted in the latest Political News. I look with anxiety for Foreign and all Army News as do all the thinking men in the Army for to make the best of it war is a thing of stern reality attended with hardship and privation which all except some high in Office would jump with joy to see it closed and be discharged and be once more at liberty to go to their homes. Men may write such letters as they please to cheer anxious Friends at home but this is the almost universal feeling here yet the actual suffering in this Reg. is limited to a very few cases. Col. Stoughton who you have already heard has tendered

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his resignation on account of a misunderstanding between him and Gen. Smith is to remain with us for the present - his resignation not being accepted and we are all glad of the fact as he is an abler Col. than any man who would be likely to succeed him In fact, I think he is the best Col. in the Brigade. Today at Religious Service we had the humanizing effects of the presence of three Ladies. wives of Officers in the 6th Vt. Reg. it was quite a rarity to us and doubtless was to them to attend worship after our fashion which is to form in hollow Square face inwards and stand at Parade rest. Which in the winter is not so agreeable as to go into a good warm Church and Sit down in a well cushioned Pew If you want any money I will Send you a Check and let you draw mine from the State Treasurer. I have made an Allotment of a small amount to the State Treasury which with my State pay you may draw if you want it or if you can use it to advantage. [To]-rat-tat-tat goes the Drum for Roll Call so good bye