Ransom W. Towle to Rufus and Sebra Towle

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No 15 I guessHead Quarters 4th Reg.Vt Vol. Camp Griffin Va.Feb. 23rd 1862Dear Parents

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Today is warm and cloudy muddy as usual yesterday we were mustered on Brigade Parade and listened to the farewell address of Washington.We are still poking through the mud to get out to Drill twice a Day and Dress Parade News from the South and West tends to keep our Spirits up pretty well It is quite amusing to hear the Boys, gathered together in Squads and discussing the News

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of the war and to hear their absurd opinions so confidently expressed. Some prophesying that the war will end and we go Home in three weeks. Some that g will interfere and the North be subjugated in as many months. Yet though the News is most flattering of late I do not see the way so clear for so speedy an adjustment of present difficulties, though we are gaining great advantage I think there is still a chance for reverses even more disastrous than that at Bethel or Bull Run. I am afraid we shall get careless though such uninterrupted success. Today 109 Six mule teams passed through our Camp from Washington probably for the purpose of moving some of the Troops about here, whether in advance or Retreat is not for us to know beforehand perhaps they are to take our baggage to Manassas. but this is improbable. I inclos an order for five months of my State pay 35 Dollars and 20 Dollars allotted pay to be drawn by your order

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Do you want my pay in future if you do I would just as soon you would have it as it will be quite as well for me to have it all together. It will be 17 Dollars per month. These orders you will have to send to State Treasurer to be accepted by him then take it to the Bank endorse it yourself when you will get the money So they tell me

As ever yoursRansom

Inclosed is a Portrait if you can read his own writing you will find out who it is