Ransom W. Towle to Friends

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(No. 16)Head Quarters, 4th RegVt. Vol. Camp GriffinVa.Feb. 27th 1861Dear Friends,

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It is now raining quite hard after two pleasant Days. Today we have had a Battalion Drill of three hours with most of the maneuvers performed on double quick This tired the muscle of the men pretty thoroughly The result was that many fell out of the Fanks. failed up. Battalion Drills commenced yesterday which with Zouave Bayonet Drill of one hour in P.M. gives us just fair business

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Today Harmon Smith went into a fit while on Bayonet Drill probably caused by overexertion as this Drill is very fatiguing Monday we heard a gale here that did some damage by blowing down Tents blowing trees onto them &c. One Ambulance, while going from here to the Hospital was blown over disengaged from the horse and blown some distance. A Sick Soldier inside escaped with some slight injuries. Tonight orders were recd here from Gen. McClellan to be in readiness to move on very short notice but now it Rains here and it will be muddy as ever yet we may move in a week or perhaps a month Yours No. 13 came in Monday. it seems by your writing that you had not got my last letters but must have got them before now. the Box as I wrote was all right nothing hurt. On the 23rd I sent in letter Orders to the amount of $55 please write when you get them Harrison Jones and Ben Wood are sick with Cough and Lung Difficulty Harrison is at City Hospital

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and Ben at Hospital here. Harry Washburn to add to his misfortuns cut his foot very bad a few Days ago and is now laid up with that Danl Jones is quite unwell he is not able to be on duty much of the time He is troubled with Diarhea and Dyspepsia The No. of deaths in this Reg. is now 66 with quite a Sick List Please write whether you get all my letters

As Ever YoursRansom