Ransom W. Towle to Rufus and Sebra Towle

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(No. 16)Head Quarters 4th Reg Vt. Vol.Camp Griffin, Va.Feb. 27th 1862Dear Parents,

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Today we have a little excitement in Camp caused by the Order to be in readiness with three Days Rations at a moments notice to march. We are not to take Overcoats or Knapsacks so it seems the intention is to come back to this Camp Today we got news that McClellan had crossed long Bridge with 150 thousand men headed for Manassas. This came by Brigade Surgeon

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Dr. Phelps from Vt. so we believe it may be true if that is so we shall probably move somewhere to act in concert with him. The Boys are feeling quite jubilant over the prospect of some kind of a move. hope we shall go straight on till we meet Rebels and have a hell of a fight. Dont like the sound of the Army of the Potomac lying idle while the Troops in the West are covering themselves with glory or turf or both. But I am all ready haversack filled with Salt Hoss and Shingles Canteen filled with water, 40 rounds Cartridges in Cartridge box. Rifle cleaned Revolver loaded Blankets packed and nothing to do now but await further orders But the Drum is beating for Roll Call and I must close Good Night