Ransom W. Towle to Friends

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(No. 17)Head Qrs. 4th Reg. Vt. Vol.Camp GriffinMar 5thDear Friends

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Evening. Today we have had Brigade Drill of three hours in forenoon and bayonet Drill in afternoon which with other duties and considering the depths of mud makes a good stiff Days work. We still continue to have plenty of mud but expect it will be better soon at least I hope so so that we can move to a more healthy locality. From some cause we are getting in a very bad way

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Sick list on the increase. Our Co. has now 51 for duty, which is better then Cos will average The number of them Reported for Duty in the Reg. is not far from 300. how long this is to last I dont know but hope not much longer for it almost makes me feel homesick to see our Ranks thus thinning down If it was done in battle - melancholy as it would then be it - it would seem less to be deplored. now it seems an outright Sacrifice of Life and nothing gained. The no of Deaths in the Reg. is 70. Probably when the condition of the Roads will allow which will be in two or three weeks - we shall move but the sooner the better. Weather continues foul and Roads muddy. Camp life monotonous and dull as ever. Cheering war news is all that keeps us from getting blues on us. But such is war and we must take things as they come. If there an opportunity I will send that Pipe though I have smoked in it till it is strong and pretty well blacked but such as it is I will send it first opportunity Lieutenants Pingree & Lillie have come in and I must stop to visit

R.W. Towle