Ransom W. Towle to Friends

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Head Qrs 4th Reg Vt. Vol.In Camp Near Yorktown April 18th, 1862Dear Friends at home

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We are here before the Enemys works doing nothing for the last two days but to intrench During the nights. Day before yesterday the attack was made on the Enemys works here which extend from the James River a little to our left to Yorktown a distence of about Eight miles. The works are very strong and aided by the Swamps bogs and minefields between us and them Are probably stronger then Manassas ever was. The Vt Brigade did the fighting. The 4th losing two killed & eleven wounded the 2nd one killed & Eight wounded the 6th 11 killed 40 wounded the 3rd 34 killed 48 wounded. Total in

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the Brigade 250 killed wounded and missing. The works were found stronger than was supposed. The third four Company of Vt. made a gallant charge across a Creek between them and us but were repulsed with heavy loss by a thousand Rebels rising from Rifle Pits pouring a deadly fire into their midst The 4th made one charge during the P.M. which the 2nd who were in position to see the whole affair said was the performed with as much coolness and daring as anything of the kind they ever witnessed. Preparations are being made for continuing the Siege. Col. Stoughton showed himself plucky he did not leave the field till every one of his Men were off backing off the last wounded Men his own shoulders. We have some difficulty in getting

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our provisions here and sometimes get pretty Sharp appetites but it tastes the better when we do get it There were none of our Company hit at all Capt. Atherton of Co C was badly wounded in the hip. Capt Pingree Co F 3rd Reg one wound in hip and one in the hand A John Butterfield shot through left side Capt Reynolds Rutland Co 6th Reg. killed. It is thought there was poor Generalship on the part of Gen Smith who was drunk that Day and is Reported in arrest for it. I think I get most of the Papers you send but have not had a letter for some time Should like to hear from those Rects on Orders if you have got them But I must stop to make out my Company Report

In hasteRansom

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