Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp HeintzelmanMay 30th /63My dear Wife.

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Here I am dis-appointed again, no letter for over 10 days, and I have written home every mail. (Every other day) I inted to have written a long letter yesterday but Col Henry wanted me to take a scout around the country with him, & we did not get back till late last evening. This morning I have got my hands full. my cooks took it into their heads to raise the dirt while I was gone, and you would be amused to listen to the excuses each one give, for their conduct. I shall give them a slight punishment. I have got to have a quarell with the Q Master

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for interfering with my teams & ambulances. While I write I am getting so angry that I tremble. This is the 2d time he has attempted to interfere in my department and I think be it will be the last. But Why am I troubling you with my little trials?

Why have I not received from you an acknowledgement for the money I sent to you? In the last letter I wrote to you I sent $25 but have heard nothing from it yet. If you have received it acknowledge it as you should always do for you must know that I should feel anxious as to its safety.

The weather is very hot and every thing is growing and looking finely. I saw peaches and apples

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yesterday as large as your thimble strawberries are begining to ripen and wheat is in the blossom. What do you think of that?

Col Jewett is expecting his wife here to day that will make four officers wives in Camp, yes five, and I can assume you that it does relieve the monotony of camp life to see a few inteligent women every day. There they exact a more influence by puting a check upon a coarseness that now will always acquire if not restrained by womans influence. But wont there be a scampering if there should be a skedaddle!

I dont think I shall write again till I hear from home, for if my letters aint worth a reply, I waste any time in writing them. These words would be a relief.

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I must go and look after my drunken cooks. the man that gave them wiskey will probably be severly punished.

How is my little Jacob? I want to see him very much. Tell Helen that I commenced day before yesterday to answer her letter and got 3 times written and had to have it, will finish soon. I am called to breakfast and I must close as it will be mailed while I am at my meal.

My health is excelent, and greatly in good spirits. Kiss the children for me and accept the love of your devoted husband

J.C. Rutherford