Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp HeintzelmanJune 12th 1863My dear Wife.

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I have just red your kind letter of the 8th inst. I did expect to hear that you had got into your new house, but you will probably be in it by the time this reaches you. A letter went out for you yesterday that should have gone last tuesday. The Post boy failed to come and get it.

You will see by the Scrap I send you that we have fought our first battle. The excitement was intense when our men formed into line of Battle, but there was no noise nor bustle. So ready and so much an our men on the alert that before the long roll was sounded

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nearly every man had got his equipments on and taken his place in the ranks and more than half of the men were in bed when the news came that the Rebs had crossed the river. They stood from early morn till nearly noon in the boiling hot sun without a murmur or without any breakfast. My Hospital boys volunteered to cary water to the men, and be it to their everlasting praise they never laged until every man had his thirst quenched. I walked through the lines a number of times and had a smile and a cheering word for every man. Some looked serious others had their many jokes, but all had a look of de-termination. That they, would never disgrace the manner of

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"Greenmountain Boys", and I felt proud to belong to such a regiment.

We are having very warm weather right now. Have had no rain for 7 weeks, hope it will 7 weeks longer before we get any rain. Then the rebs will howl for head.

I think this last raid makes it more certain that we will remain here. I hope so for we are very pleasently situated as to Quarters if not as to the enemy We had reinforcements sent to us the next night after the raid of a regiment of Calafornia CavY. Saturday June 13th. I am going to Washington today to get some stuff for my Hospital.

I have nothing new to write about myself. My health is

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very good. I shall write to you from Washington as I shall be there over Sunday. I shall spend most of the day visiting the Hospitals. I always am gratified by such visits. Remember me to Mrs Parker and others of her [       ]

Give my love to the children and accept the love of a devoted heart for your dear self

Your HusbandJ.C. Rutherford