Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Brandy Station VaFeb 6th /64My dear Wife,

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You will see by this that I have arrived in camp. I was very tired when I got here last evening. I found George very sick with a fever but was better than he had been. This morning we had orders to march at 7 but here it is after noon and we are still here. We can hear heavy firing about 5 miles from us, have not yet learned what it means. I dont like the idea of laying out on the cold ground yet, but shall have to do so if we move. I do not feel as well as when I left home, still I do not feel very bad. I shall have lots of news to tell you when I get a

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better chance to write and feel more like writing. About every word I write my ears are saluted with the heavy report of cannon, which is not particularly agreable to me. I we stay here I will write again tomorrow.

Give my love to the children and you know very well that you have my whole heart.

Ever Thine
Your affectionate husbandJ.C. Rutherford