Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp in the field near Winchester VaSept 7th 1864My dear daughter,

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I received your and your Mothers letter of the 30th Aug last evening, and my very dear child you do not know how much comfort it gives me to get such loving letter. It lightens the sadness of my heart and lonely hours. To feel that I have the sympathy of loved ones at home is a great blessing. God only knows how dearly I prize it. Your anxiety and solicitude for my comfort almost makes it a pleasure to suffer a little. You dear Mother is apprehensive that I am worse off that I have upon [], but you may rest assured that such is not the fact. My sickness is owing more to excersion fatigue and my great sorrow. I am completely unnerved, so much so that I tremble at any sudden alarm or noise. I think I am getting better of it. You wish you could be with me in my affliction when none but stranger hands can administer to my wants. But [] assure you that I am among kind, yes very kind friends, who are solicitious for my comfort.

I have received kind attentions which no other sick surgeon (and nearly every surgeon in our division has been sick) has received. Dr Barr who is Medical director of the division, and Dr Childe do all they can to make

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me comfortable and relieve me from care. They wont hear to my doing any thing. I am unfortunate in being sick but very thankful and fortunate in having such friends around me. A little incident occured yesterday that will show you what can they have for me. I was detailed by the corps Medical director to go to Harpers Ferry with a lot of sick. I shoudl have to go about 20 miles through a country infished by Gaurillas and it was a night march. Dr Barr and Childe both sent word to the Director that I could not go that he must send some one else. I knew nothing of this until the train had gone, when they came and told me what had been done Now is not this a kindness I ought to appreciate?

I did want to write you a long letter but my eyes are weak and I have lost my glasses so I cant read or write but a little at a time. I have some borrowed glasses but they do not fit me and make my eyes ache every time I use them. Every thing is very quiet here now, how long it will remain so no one can tell. My health is better than it was, but I do not do any duty. Tell your Mother I am glad my dear boy is enjoying himself, but not trust him to the care of others too much. Give my dear Kittie a kiss for her poor old Father, and tell her papa wants to see her very much Kiss your Mother for me God bless her, and accept the love of your devoted Father, and may God shed his blessings upon you all.

Your affectionate fatherJ.C. Rutherford

Sept 8th I am very much better this morning. I hope now to get along again.