Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. SpaffordUpper FallsVermont


Camp HolbrookBrattleborou VtSunday Sept 15 1861Dear Sister -

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I wrote you last night, and put the letter in my valice intending to send it down to the P.O. this morning, but while we were gone to breakfast my valice was taken by some one and I shall not probably see it again tho' prehaps I may, if I do I will forward the letter. I am writting faster than I ever thought I would be obliged to, so if you cannot read the letter you must

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excuse me. -

I am well and have been so all the time since I came here. I have no time to write particulars of the camp as I did yesterday, but I will do so as fast as possible all my spare time I will spend in writing home. Now to business. We have recd marching orders and are to start for Washington tomorrow they tell us. I do not think it will be possible for us to do so before tuesday and prehaps not until Wed. at least you must write me here and I may receive it, if I do not it will be no great trouble to you to write it, and if I do, it will

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be worth everything to me. Dont feel badly on my account. I can take my chances with the rest of the men. - I am left rather destitute by the loss of my dressing case &c, but I can get along some way as well as hundreds of others who never had them. We have got our blankets, rubber and woolen, that is all we have yet recd, but they are bringing on the uniforms, arms &c to day. This is a strange sabbath to me.

I shall write you if it is only a word before we leave. I don’t know what I have written but can write no more now. Good bye

Your brotherJoe S.
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P.S. Direct – Brattleborou Vt
4th Regmt V.V.M. (Atherton Guards)
Be sure and put on the Atherton Guards so they may know what Co. to deliver the letter to
Yours J.

P.S. 2d My love to all our folks Grandmother all everybody I ever saw

P.S. 3d Sunday P.M. One of the boys have just found my valice and brought it to me.