Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. SpaffordUpper FallsVermont


Camp HolbrookBrattleborou VtSept 15th 8,30 PM. [1861]Dear Sister

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Capt A___ is writing to his wife to night and says he has reason to believe that we shall remain here a week, and thinks he shall have her come down and probably she will not start from C. unless she is certain of finding us here. If you and Lizzie can learn when she is coming you might come with her if you wish you can imagine whether I should be glad to see you or not.

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Do as you both think best about it. I would like to have you come if she does, and if she does not come it will be because she is not sure that we shall be here and in that case you would not wish to come of course. -

Tis a beautiful night and the camp looks splendid I wish you could see it.

We recd our guns this afternoon.

I shall write so you will receive it tuesday. You will receive the letters I have already written monday.

In Haste
Your BrotherJoe -