Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. SpaffordUpper FallsVermont


Camp Griffin Va.Oct 23d 1861My Dear Sister -

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I have been looking for a letter from home for two or three days but have not recd one so will write to you although I have written two or three times since I have recd a letter. We have been expecting for a day or two to move from here, but I think now we shall stay here awhile

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longer. This rather of a muddy place for a camp, and I wish they would move us to a place more dry. It has been raining since yesterday morning and looks now like raining all day to day. We have nothing to do when it rains, but lay in our tents. I saw Gen. Davis from Cavendish here day before yesterday, and I assure you I was very glad to see him .- I recd a letter from George a few days since in which he told me he was to be married tomorrow (the 24th) so I shall soon have two sisters instead of one. I would like to be there so we could go and see them after they get to keeping house.

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My health is still good, I tell you that in every letter I write for fear you will think if I say nothing about it that I am sick. -

Six Cos of this Regt (ours among the number) went out scouting last saturday and although we went within sight of Fairfax Court House, we saw no Rebels or any signs of any. -

I recd a letter from John Knights a few days since if you see him tell him I will answer it as soon as I get time. -

Has Lyd got home yet? When is thanksgiving in Vt.

I always feel a little homesick when I think of that day. I

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am looking anxiously for a letter from you. I have not recd one since the one you wrote at Ludlow. I don’t know but we Weathersfield boys shall send and have a box sent us bye & bye when we get fairly settled. Lieut. French got one from home yesterday. We live on the whole rather poorly, but I hope sometime we may get to living better. Our meals nearly half the time are merely wheat bread & coffee. I go to the suttlers sometimes and get butter and make toast of my bread and make out a very good meal. I must close for this time. I know I shall get a letter from some of you to night. Good bye cap. My love to all, and much for yourself from

Your Aff. BrotherJo.