Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp BaxterJuly 19. /61.My dear wife. My own angel

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I rec’d both yr letters tonight. Was very glad to hear fr you. Those boards wer so hard I could hardly sleep Have had a good rest to-day comparatively. It rained this P.M. We leave Wednesday instead of Tuesday morn. Shall go to Baltimore & report to Genl Banks. You will have to come back here for there were a lots of ladies from the village to day, but I did not speak to them. I care for no one but you my own sweet angel my darling wife. Am glad Miss Baxter likes. Hope you will enjoy her visit, & enjoy yourself. you must be good & happy & confident & love yr husband & remember he does you & always will & is very happy to think he is your husband. I cant stop to say much as its late & there is a crowd here, but I

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I must tell my own dear dear wife how dear she is to me, but I cant quite do it

Good night my wife
Your devoted husband W.G. Veazey