Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp LyonAug 18. /61My Dear Angel.

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I was glad to receive a letter to-day & the papers Yes I recd yr letter fr Miss Bayley. Would like very much to answer it had I time. She seems as sincere as she is deluded. Yr letters come regular & I am very glad to receive them. I will write all I can. I am to go over to Va. to-morrow with my Co. to capture a Co. of calvalry if possible. They come down near our pickets about every day & we want them. Shall have

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rather a hard march as it has been raining about all the time for 9 days & the mud is quite deep, but I think it will be pleasant to-morrow as I am anxious to go. I long to bring in a few live rebels & I want to get a good horse. I have the command nearly every day now as Col. Hyde is detailed to sit on a court marshall in Washington. I drilled the Reg’t to-day for the first time.

You must not worry about my coming home I shall come if its right for me to come, if not you would not wish me

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to. Without an honorable peace life would certainly be worthless to me, & I could not live without helping conquer such a peace, but whether we shall ever do it or not is yet a problem. Why in the world don’t the northern Govs send on the men. Genl. Smith told me twice to-day that the Capitol was never in such peril as now The South out number us by far everywhere & have beaten so far. We need & must have more men at once or we are down. The North have no sort of appreciation of the strength &

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resources of the South, & its perilous to shut our eyes to it longer. We ought to have men enough here to make the safty of the Capitol an absolute certainty. At this bridge we have but 4 small regts & the Enemy can concentrate 50,000 men here in a few days at most. When the battle comes as come it will I believe soon, we shall do our best, but a handful of men cant do everything. We are beyond Georgetown Heights, about 7 miles fr. W. at Chain Bridge. You can see an imperfect representation of the bridge in the last Harpers Weekly. My health is good excepting a slight attack of Summer

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Complaint occasionally, all have that more or less. How happy I shall be when the time comes for me to return to you. I never feel any alarm about for I feel so strongly the justice of our cause. It will be glorious to live or die in it. I hope I shall have accomplished something when I write again but the chances

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are against it, as we cant get at them before they run.

Good night my love, my own dear wife.
Yr. husbandWheelock G. Veazey