Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp LyonAug. 27. /61My angel wife

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I just rec’d yr splendid letters fr N. C. Am very glad you are enjoying yrself so much. I should like to be there very much if I could be there without leaving here. I cant even go to Washington to see my sick boys, we are so busy. Yet I have not had such hard work for a week or two, as I am relieved fr detail service now that the Col is away so much, & have to be here in command. All the work I have to do then is to drill the Reg’t a couple hours each day. Excepting to look around after things a little.

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The Vt. papers state that Lt. Col Hyde is promoted to Col myself to Lt. Col. & Seaver to Major. I knew we were so recommended by Genl. Smith, but our comissions have not come yet. If such is the case there will be 3 new Capts made & a general changed in the officers. One Capt. has resigned, sick. I still act as Capt. as probably all the changes will be made at one time. I almost fear my promotion will be any- thing but a fortune. It is too rapid for so young & unmilitary a man as myself. I shall accept it, if true, with more confidence from the fact that Genl Smith recommended me, for he is very severe on officers & criti-

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cises all of them closely. Several are under arrest now for some little mistake or misdemeanor. Floyd I dont think will be Capt. probably 1st Lt. & some 1st Lt. will be capt. Powers I hope. There is a good deal of talk or rumour of an attack soon by one party or the other. Night before last we were called out at about 11 o’clock to repel an attack, but came in at one as there was no approach It arose fr a false report. I was sent in advance with my Co. to reconnoitre. I have always rec’d the post of honor at these times. Last night we delt out 40. rounds of cartridges & haversacks, full of provisions

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were ordered to be ready for a moment’s start, but the night was passed quietly. The Rebels seem to be concentrating near by. We have considerable confidence in our ability to hold this place now. We hope at least not to tarnish the fame of the American army again as was done at Bull Run. How ones cheek tinges with shame at that disgrace. Are you sure you remember all I have told you, among so many gay folks? What should I do if you did not? I will direct the next letter to Nashua as you say you are going home this week. Please tell Mrs. A. I am greatly obliged for her letter I will answer it if I can get time. Say to her that I shall go in for a [huge] time when I do come. The drum calls to dress parade. Be a good child my own angel. I do wish I could see you one moment.

Good night darling
Yr devoted husbandW. G. Veazey

You may remember me to any of these folks with you if I know any of them. Why don’t those young men inlist?