Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp LyonAug. 2 Sept 1st 1861My darling wife

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I receive yr letters every day, so I always have something good, however much bad may come. Cant write much of a letter as I am rather tired - have been over to Va. to day in command of an escort for an engineer on a reconnoitring tour. It has been a delightful day & we had a good time We were about an hour too late to catch the rebel cavalry or be caught by them-

Butler’s victory causes much joy in camp.

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I have been promoted again to be Lieut Col. & am acting as such. Have a splendid tent. Shall purchase a horse to-morrow. Seaver is Major - Crain Q.M. Floyd 1st Lt. & Provost Marshall of the Brigade. Bennett, my orderly Sergt. is Capt. Pingree is Capt of Sever’s Co. There is a great row in the reg’t occasioned by jumping inferior officers over superiors. Sever was jumped over some Capts, & they have tendered their resignation. About every officer in the reg’t has been to me & congratulated me & said they would vote

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for me every time had they the chance, & assured me that it was not in the least on my account that they are provoked. Crain is mad with me because he thinks that I must have been the cause some way why he was not made Capt. I recommended him in the highest terms to Genl. Smith & told him distinctly I wanted Crain for Capt if I was to leave, but he said Crain must be Q.M. You will here all manner of reports fr us now probably for the present

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but be sure to say nothing fr me about any trouble or that I ever mentioned it. I’m tired.

Good night my love Do you remember all I would have you?

Your devoted husbandW. G. Veazey