Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinJan’y 21/ 62My Darling Wife -

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I am about used up to night. Was out on picquet last night & a hard one it was, about the severest night I ever experienced. The mud is from one to three feet deep here, & it rained & we had no shelter of any account ag’st rain. I did’nt sleep much of any & have had company all day. Well how does the news affect you? We are ordered to be ready to move at short notice & have got to dispose of our tons of extra blankets &c &c some way. Dont send me another thing. I have more than enough of everything. Shall have to leave more than a trunk full. I put in a request for a leave of absence Saturday - but this movement will put a check on it. So I shall not see Mr. & Mrs. D. I suppose. Am very sorry. Was greatly pleased with that family letter. I do want to see you immensely my blessed love. Yes my own angel I do worship you & am rejoiced you are my own sweet wife. & I shall be glad to get through with this war & go home

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to live with you. My own perfect love I take so much pleasure in the thought that you are my own darling wife. Am going to bed early to get rested. It rains so Mrs. Crain & Mrs. Heyde cant leave their tents. Mrs. C. is about sick. I expect Mrs. Seaver is enciente. Mrs. Proctor has not been here since last fall. I am in command of the Reg’t now, as the Col is otherwise engaged. We dont know which way we shall move I dont see how we can at all as the mud is so deep. I never saw anything like it. Good night my own beautiful darling wife.

Yr devoted husbandW. G. Veazey