Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinFeby 11th/62My own sweet angel wife

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I am real glad you are having such good times but I almost fear I am paying very dearly for them. I thought you would have plenty of time to write me some long and splendid letters fr [N. C.] but they are not half as long or good as fr home. Somebody seems to engross yr time & attention so you have to neglect yr husband. Is Mrs. A. selecting you a second husband? She ought to remember that devotion to the first one is the best recommendation in the world to the second. My own angel, the whole world & every thing in it is a mere bawble in comparison with you, in my estimation. Yr love I regard more than anything on earth except my honor. & I don’t know as I would except that were it not for losing your love with my honor. I think every day & night

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that to live a single day with you is inestimable in value. When I think of the untold pleasure I have enjoyed in yr blessed arms for a moment & always it seems as tho’ no man was ever blessed as I am. You cannot measure my love by anything. I believe I do worship you my own beautiful wife. You cannot imagine how great happiness your love affords me every instant of my life. To go to sleep with you in my arms my own wife almost seems to be a happiness the Gods might covet. Wont you please remember these things darling & that you are my wife, & that I am very caring of her good name, & wish for nothing so much as her whole undivided love?

Yr fond devoted husbandWheelock