Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Quarters 16th Vt VolsCamp at Union Mills VaApril 9th 1862My Darling Wife,

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I rec’d your letter with the scolding for not writing when I have written 3 times each week for several weeks. Why dont you scold the mail, not me. I cant bring the letters to you. if I could I should not have to write. You will be sorry enough when I see you.

This has been Fast day, & a very pleasant one. Had all sorts of sports going on. I have been to Centreville Hope the weather will be warm now. Is the street big enough for you to walk in. I would not be for the both of us. I weigh 175 lbs, I hope the papers are right about the war but they seldom are - they certainly know nothing about it. I dont expect many decisive successes this Campaign, but I think the next one will end the war. I think the Rebels will be held so well this summer that they wont be able to recuperate

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much for another Campaign while our conscription will just get at work & we will be in better condition than ever & then be able to out do them. But now they are as well prepared for a Campaign as we. Their army is very large & in better condition than ever before in every respect I have this from reliable sources. Darling I should like to hold you in my arms, Could I? Reckon I wont write any more as you don’t seem to get my letters & the more I write the more you scold & the naughtier the baby will be. Good night my own sweet angel, I love you

Yr fond husbandW.G. Veazey.