Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Pardon me for sending an unpaid letter.H’d Qer’s 5th Vt Vols,Smiths DivisionMay 1862My own Darling Wife.

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Here I am in a new capacity again & one that suits me. The Field Officers of the 5th Vt. are all sick and I am detailed to command the Reg’t until one of them is able to resume it. The Col. Smalley, & Lt. Col. Grant, have fevers and the Major, Proctor has the consumption. I felt a little delecate about being put over any other than my own reg’t as the feeling is always so strong in every reg’t that it has material enough for officers, but I have met with a most cordial reception. This reg’t has some of the best Captains in the service, & every way competent to command a reg’t, with a little experience, but the Generals, Brooks & Smith, were both unwilling to trust the reg’t in an action with a captain; & action is expected very soon. It has been my con- tinued disappointment or sorrow rather, that I could not have a command in an action, but now I have one & feel happy. All I wait for now is an opportunity

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and I dont expect to have to wait long. We rec’d an order to-night not to give any information in private letters even of our position or strength or anything connected with the army, owing to the liability of our letters being captured, therefore I can write nothing but love letters, ar’nt you glad? Did you get my hasty love letter sent a day or two ago? Darling I wish I had you in my arms. Soldiering would be good enough if one had no splendid wife. but it does seem a pity to lose so much time. My angel I think of you so often, & I love you so dearly I ought to be with you. I could not get asleep last night for a long time. for thinking about you & the splendid courtship we had & the happy time we have been together since our mar- riage. I wish my angel would send me some postage stamps, for I can get none here & have no money if I could. We have not been paid since I was at home. Genl Smith says I am not relieved as P. Marshal, only while in command here. Darling I must close as we have reveille at 2, o’clock to-morrow. It is beautiful weather, & a fine country, & I love my wife enormously. Sweet angel you are my hearts idol. Good night my own love, my wife.

Yr husbandWheelock.