Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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H’d Qrs 16th Vt Camp at Fairfax Station Feb’y 2nd 1863 My Darling wife

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I dont know whether it will be any use to write to you or not as of course I dont know where to direct. How lucky it is for me that you are so fond of visiting. I shall probably acquire the habit, by my wandering life, that is natural to you, so we shall never stay at home even if we pretend to have one. Indeed I scarcely think it will be worth while for us to pretend to have one ever, on this account. It is natural for you to think that you would like a home as a person always desires a change but but you would soon find your old habit prevailing. I dont know how you will manage with a baby. Brentwood was the last place I expected to hear of you, in your condition, & at such a severe season. If you live through this trial, you will be proof against ag’st all possible mishaps. We have had several feet of snow & more rain, so the mud is a respectable depth. I am going to Washington for a

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few days- It is rather dull [music] here now - too muddy to drill much We employ the time in target practice. Let me hear from you often & know how you are. I will write as soon as I find out where you will be stopping long enough to get a letter.

Yr devoted husband W.G.Veazey