Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Hd Qrs, 16th, Vt Vo. Camp at Fairfax StationFebr’y 15th, 1863My Darling Wife

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I rec’d yr long letter which was a great improvement of the pre- ceding one. I was thinking of sending you to chool to learn to write compositions. I shall punish you sever- ly when I come home. But you did not say that you would not give away the baby. That was reckoning the chickens before they hatched. Saw Mrs. Blunt to day. She has been kiting around here all winter.

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but is going home to-morrow. Looks as tho she would have to hurry, to get home in season to be confined. What a place for a woman in her condition. The ladies like camp life very much. Some of their husbands look as though they have seen hard times. My health is excellent, Col Cummings is sick. The Major is smart, & a splendid man, one of the best I ever saw. You would admire him. He is not like most of those married men here. I have a nice fire-place in my tents. It draws finely & dont smoke

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at all. So I do have to do all for both, which keeps me busy about all the time. Never had so comfortable quarters before. Have two tents floored, & a splendid bed, perfectly warm the coldest nights, two pillows. Bed on one side of the back tent, table on the other, & a barrel of apples between. My old blue chest has come which is full of everything in in the most approved confusion. Fire place between the two tents. Laddle rack on one side of front tent, wood pile on the other. Have got a bayonet on a broom handle for a

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poker, so I can sit in front of the fire with heels up & poke the fire read & smoke, all at once. Have a boy to take care of me better even than Jason was. A tent is about the best thing to live in, better than a house, more healthy. I am practicing with the rifle & pistol now, every day. Never did much at either before. My horses are as fat as seals; wish you were here to ride with me. My stallion is a splendid saddle horse for a lady. Been used for that purpose. Reckon shall have to sell him when we have an

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addition to our family. Cant afford so [] luxuries. Which had you rather have a baby or a horse? Reckon I prefer a wife to both. Darling I love you so much. I should like to see you. The time is passing rapidly, Col Proctor & I have agreed to form a partnership when we get home. Dont know what we shall do, either hunt, farm or practice law. Says his new baby “in esse” was a woeful mistake. He wants to go home. Do write me some good letters to your fond husband. My sweet pet I love you truly

Yr husband Wheelock.
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Regards to Mr & Mrs W.