Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Quarters 16th Vt Vols Camp at Union Mills Va. March 31st 1863 My Darling Wife,

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I must write a few words before I go to bed. I rec’d a letter fr you to day. Not very long so I will take that for an excuse for a short letter. I dont know how I can make a long letter, for I cant say anything but tell you how I love you & you know that now. O I have had the handsomest pipe presented to me that I ever saw. One of my men made it. He cut his foot some time ago & has been making laural wood pipes since. He gets all prices for them. Has made a great deal of money. I never saw so handsome a pipe as mine is. It is ornamented with Masonic

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symbols, & is a beautiful piece of wood. Guess I will send it home after I have smoked it a while. My dog grows like a pig. Hope I can get him home with me. Will you give him to our baby. What shall we name him, the baby? I shall have a double welcome next time shant I? Do you suppose he will know me? Is it possible that my baby wife is soon to be a Mother! I cant realize it. Can you? Darling I love you so much. Hope your health will be better after this. Do you keep in good spirits all the time? I hope the baby will be pretty & well & smart. How is Mother now? I must go to bed and dream of my own sweet wife- I used to dream about having babies but dont now. Good night my own sweet pet.

Yr own fond husband W. G. Veazey