[Henry Harrison Wilder] to Mother

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Camp Hol brookeSt Albans VermontSept th22 18615th Reg Vt - Vols Tent No 1Mother

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having seated myself to write to one or two of the people at home I thought that I should drop you a letter I was deteiled for garde yesterday morning for 24 ours it rained all the time and it made it rather unplesant but I got along very well as I was the Corporal of the garde I got my pay yesterday and send it to you to keepe for me untill I get my pay from the United States

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write to me as son as possible but you canot write untill I write to you from youre ever afectionate son then I shall know what to do I have not made up my minde what to do with the money that I get I think that I shall send it to Father to let at intrest or keepe it himself if he wants it and pay the intrest to you and you can keep it untill you get enough to let again or let it for intrest on intrest I tolde you that we thought that we should goe before this timbe but we have not gon yet but we go tomorrow morning at eight oclock to morrow morning the next letter will come from the South now good by