Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Camp GriffinDec th17, /61Dear Mother

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Tusday eve I seat myself to write fore some more things thinking of things that I want to eat I would like to have you send me some sausages if you have got them made send about 5 of them bags that you make and a chicken pie and Merrill wants me to write to you and I have you tell his mother to stuff 5 chickens and bake them and freeze them send in the box dont forget to send the cheases nor any of the things the [watres] I want very heavy

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if you have not got them git this box up and send it as soon as possible Merrill and myself are a going to get into one Tent to gather nothing more at presant we are all well give my best respects to all and mutch love to your self

from your SoneH H Wilder