Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Prospect HillCamp GriffinVirginiaJan 17th /62Mother

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I mailed a letter to you the 15th but geting yours to night & you speaking about am of her box I will write again this evning you asked me if ther is any thing that I want ther is some things that I would like I will [    ] them some good

papers & envelopes [           ] as mutch as you can spare and a tub of butter and cheese these are the mostesential things for we have good bread & very good tea & if we can

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buttr we can live very well send some sausage to Mother I wayed myself to day I the waight is 1.33 tell Henry if he has got his [       ] fixed and will take 15 dollars for it to send it with all the things in the box and I will send him the pay or he may get it of Father Morill is going to send for some things in my lettrs & the papers I wasnt like that whitch he will wants

my best wishes to all mutch love to youre self

H H Wilder